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Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife (SFW) is a non-profit wildlife conservation organization of sportsmen members who are interested in preserving and increasing healthy, populations of wildlife throughout the United States and North America.

Healthy and abundant game populations require good habitat, protected winter range, aggressive predator management, a committed game and fish agency, and active federal land managers. All of these issues are controlled by politicians who make laws, set priorities and policies, and determine how sportsmen license dollars are spent. To produce large mature animals, there must also be reasonable control of hunter harvest. SFW works with elected officials at all levels-from the community courthouse to the Whitehouse-to improve and protect quality hunting and fishing on our great public lands and waters.

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SFW Instrumental in Mule Deer Relocation

102 doe deer along the Parowan Front (the wildlife management area by Summit, Utah just north of Cedar City, Utah) were captured January 7-8 and March 4-5, 2013 and translocated to the Fillmore WMA east of Holden, Utah. 50 additional doe deer at the Holden site were also collared as a control group for the 3 year study on this particular translocation. This historic project is a joint effort between the Utah Division of Wildlife, BYU, and Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife. It's one of the first studies of its kind and is designed to more closely gauge how the timing of the translocation of the deer affects the survival and strength of the herd.

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SFW Partners on Fence/Underpasses Along Highway 89 Near Kanab

1000's of deer cross over Highway 89 between Lake Powell and Kanab as they move back and forth between winter range in Northern Arizona and summer range in Southern Utah. Most of them cross the highway along an 11 mile stretch centered about 25 miles east of Kanab. It's long been a hot-spot for deer-car collisions. SFW has been instrumental in partnering with the UDOT and the Utah DWR to get underpasses and fencing along this stretch of road. The project will ultimately save 100's of deer each year and help save lives. This deadly stretch of highway will soon be safer for everyone.

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