2014 Hunts and Information

New for 2014 - 6 Sheep hunts will be given away at the 2014 social. All hunts, that's right, ALL hunts will be paid for 100%. No donation to Full Curl™ will be required. Winners are only responsible for transportation, licenses, state fees, and tips! Click Here for more details and a mail-in entry form.

Unlimited Entry Drawings
You can purchase as many tickets as you wish and DO NOT have to be present to win:
 • Stone Sheep hunt to be given away with Dueling Stone Outfitters
 • 2 for 1 (you and your buddy win) a Dall Sheep hunt
   with Artic Red River Outfitters

Limited Entry Drawings
Max of 6 tickets per hunter and you MUST BE present at 2014 social to win:
 • Stone Sheep with Kinaskan Lake Outfitters
 • Alaskan Dall Sheep with Wilderness Enterprises
 • Dall Sheep with Artic Red River Outfitters

2014 Winners

Congrat to the 2014 winners!
L. Havens from NM won the Stone Sheep hunt with Dueling Stone Outfitters
D. Dingwall from BC won 2 for 1 Dall Sheep hunt with Artic Red River Outfitters
P. Richmond from UT won the Stone Sheep hunt with Kinaskan Lake Outfitters
C. Robison from UT won Alaskan Dall Sheep with Wilderness Enterprises
L. Newman from UT Grove Utah won the Dall Sheep with Artic Red River Outfitters

Full Curl™ Society Sponsors

The Full Curl™ Society

Taking all four North American Wild Sheep, the Full Curl™, is an AWESOME adventure! We would like to have many fellow sheep hunters join us in reaching this great hunting pinnacle.

The mission of the Full Curl™ Society is to establish and maintain an association of wild sheep hunters and conservationists who share common interests of achieving the Full Curl™ status, helping fellow sheep hunters achieve their sheep hunting dreams, and contributing to the measurable improvement and protection of wild sheep populations and habitat throughout North America.

Most of us were not born sheep hunters. Like my boys and I, we start out hunting turkey, waterfowl, elk, deer, etc. But for those of us who love hard core hunting, sheep hunting is the ultimate pinnacle of hunting. And many aspire to hunt sheep. In August 2011, I was fortunate enough to tag a long with Rob Keck, a prominent American Sportsmen. Rob has hunted all the best places for whitetail, elk, wild turkey, antelope, and many other North American Species.

Rob said, "My sheep hunt was the greatest hunting experience of my life, the most challenging and the most rewarding. I wish I had caught the sheep bug earlier."

After taking a great mule deer hunt in the wilderness area of Wyoming, and packing it back 10 hours to the truck without a complaint, my 15 year old son said, "Dad, am I tough enough to hunt sheep? I want to go." I told him, yes you are tough enough, now just get a good education, good job, and make some money.

There are hundreds of hunters who draw a bighorn or desert bighorn in the lower 48 states, and figure that is the end of their sheep hunting road. Full Curl™ is here to inspire you to stretch higher and help you achieve your goal of taking all North American sheep - the Full Curl™.

At the Full Curl™ Society, we are gathering the next generation of sheep hunters. Those hard core hunters willing to work for conservation of wild sheep and other species, and are willing as a Society to work together to see our fellow sheep hunters achieve their hunting dreams.

Join the Full Curl™ Society today and attend the annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah and you will be a part of a unique team that will help yours and others sheep hunting dreams come true.

It is simple, the Full Curl™ Society exists to accomplish great things for wild sheep and sheep hunters.

Don Peay Signature
Don Peay
Full Curl™ Co-Founder